I'm Saad Ali Bhatti

I am Project Manager, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur & Trainer

Saad's bio

M y name is Muhammad Saad Ali Bhatti, and i am 26 years old working and living in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I grew up as a kid loving to play hockey and video games. Then i went on to getting my Masters degree in project management at szabist university, one of the Pakistan's top business institute. It was there that i learned business, marketing and lots of other stuff. This is where i had the best experience of my life. Meeting lots of new peoples each year, being completely independent for the first time in my life, living with and going on amazing adventures with some by best buddies- it's not every day you get this amazing opportunity. I make sure to take full advantage of it, and really developed as a person

When i first designed my personal website, it's intention was nothing more than to serve as my resume. With the objective in my mind that employers can able to find me online. I'm damn sure that you've heard many times in our culture, to be a good student at school, go to university, get A grades, graduate and get a reasonable job...and then be there for next 100 years.

I soon realized that life is much more than that. We all gets so messed up and caught in what others are doing, what peoples are telling us to do, in that we all forget to live it on your own. We forgot to think about what makes us happy and excited. So, that's the direction i want to take my website & blog. My aim is to experiment, discover and build community and share my knowledge with others and helps business to grow with the help of my experience & digital marketing skills.

I am glad if you guys join and helps in building strong community, If you are interested, Leave me a message and connect with me. And also dont forget to subscribe my email list. it lets me know that you guys are enjoying my content