How to change Fiverr username?

How to change fiverr username

Do you have a shitty username for Fiverr? Like dolly420, Naughty-girl, Dreamboy76 etc. And you want to change Fiverr username?


Unfortunately, most of the sellers when creating an account on Fiverr they start with a shitty username. And soon they will realise they should have branded Fiverr username. Which looks professional and better describe them and their services and make sense.


You know what, having a professional Fiverr username can create an opportunity for you. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have Fiverr username Creative Genes. And you also have your personal, portfolio or maybe agency website on that same name, for example,,

So when any buyer searches your username on Google there are chances they land directly on your website. It will help you as a brand name.


Pro tip: Its best to have Fiverr username on your name or your agency or brand name if you have already had one.


In this article, I’ll tell you how to change Fiverr username. And what are the challenges you have to face if you want to change your Fiverr username? It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of factors involved in that.

Let’s discuss that.


Can I change Fiverr usernsme?


Answer:  Yes and No

I know most you guys think what the fuck? What’s wrong with me. But, Wait, let me clarify my answer.


For buyer: 

Changing a username as a buyer is very simple. Just delete your current account and create a new one.


For seller:

Changing username as a seller is a bit tricky. The reason is you can not change the username once it’s created.

So, the other alternative is to close your current account and create a new one with the desired username. But, If you have multiple gigs on your Fiverr profile and some reviews then its not a good idea to change user name at this stage.


My suggestion:

Don’t change the username if you already completed a few orders on Fiverr and have some reviews on your gigs. Compromise on your username and continue working with the same username because I know it’s tough to start from scratch and make all that effort again.


you have negative reviews or no reviews at all.

If that’s the case that your profile has no reviews or have bad reviews, then you can think of changing your username.


How you can change your username.


Step 1: Log in to your profile

Step2: Click on your profile picture on the top right side of your Fiverr homepage

Step 3: Click on setting


login to fiverr


Step 4: Click on Choose the reason in front of “ I’m leaving because”

Step 5: Select the reason “ I want to change my username.”

Step 6: And then click continue or deactivate an account.



Important Note:

If you want to create a new Fiverr account from the same email, you are using in your current account. Then you have to change your email first from your existing account. You can contact Fiverr customer support to do that.

Once you changed your email on your existing account. Then you can able to use the same email to create your new Fiverr account.

You can’t have two Fiverr accounts at the same time. It’s against Fiverr polices, So do remember that.


How to change the email address on your Fiverr account?


Step 1: Logged in your profile picture from Fiverr homepage

Step 2: update email field and then click Save. ( check your email for further instructions )

Step 3: once you close your account after changing your email. Then you can create another account with the same email.


Disadvantages of deleting the account as a seller:


  • You’ll lose all your old Fiverr gigs
  • Your active order will be lost
  • You will lose all your reviews
  • You have to start from scratch
  • You have to create new gigs again


How to choose a perfect username for your Fiverr Account?


First of all, you have to brainstorm a few names which must be relevant to your services, and they should make sense. Or you can choose any general or generic term.


Important note:

Don’t choose such a username that will restrict you in future. For example, Logo_expert is a great username. But if you want to offer writing services or maybe any other service than it will restrict you to some extent.

On the other hand, if your username is graphic_experts or maybe some branded name like creative_genes than this will allow you can add more services without any restrictions.


Things to Consider while choosing Fiverr username


  • On the personal name

It’s recommended going with your name. It will help in creating your brand on your name.


  • Branded Username

You can also use branded username if you already have any agency or brand. It will also help the marketing and branding of your business or agency.


  • Niche Relevant

Let’s say you are a writer and you don’t have any plan to offer any other services from your account. Then you can use niche relevant username. As a writer, you can user something like “passionate writer” or “Amazingwriter” etc.


Wrapping up:-

If you are thinking to change your Fiverr username just because you are not satisfied with that and don’t like it anymore, then it’s a not good idea at all.

If there is any other reason for changing your Fiverr username, then do read the pros and cons I mention above before deactivating your account.



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