How To Do Fiverr Keyword Research For Your Gig? The Right Way

How To Do Fiverr Keyword Research For Your Gig

Fiverr Keyword Research is something very important when it comes to improving ranking of your Fiverr gig. One of the most successful methods on Fiverr is to do On-Page SEO of your Fiverr gig by searching for the most applicable keywords.

Doing the keyword research for optimizing your Fiverr gigs is not complicated. But the fact is that some sellers get regular orders while others do not get even a single. It is because sometimes you do not know how to write a perfect gig description.

Since your gig description plays an essential role in boosting up your Fiverr sales. If you have a bad gig description, it will lose your clients. For a better gig description, add keywords to it. Keywords help you build up the new clients and increases your Fiverr sales ultimately.

fiverr keyword research

This article is an ultimate guide to Fiverr Keyword Research. The best methods of keywords research are described. You may also see some relevant questions related to the topic.

So, where to add the keywords in Fiverr?

Keywords can be added into the Tags, your Fiver gig title, and in the description section of your Fiverr gig. These three ways help your Fiverr gig rank faster and appear on the top page of search results.


Methods For Fiverr Keyword Research:

Fiverr is the widest marketplace for freelancers from all across the globe. Many freelancers have started stepping on the ladder of their careers through this website. But not everyone freelancer reaches the height of success. Why?

Most of the freelancers finish their career before rising it. Maybe they are not recognisable of Fiverr’s terms and conditions. Or they are unaware of playing tricks to become lucrative.

Well, there are a few methods that help you do a proper Fiverr Keyword Research for your gig. Want to know the methods? Please read the article for in-depth detail of the methods.


1) Fiverr Keyword Research through Search Tags:

Много мъже биха искали да въплъщават своите фантазии, но се страхуват от осъждането и нелепите от жените. В същото време не съм против диалога, така че ако искате нещо по -интересно най доброто лекарство за потентност не се колебайте да го кажете. Обещава се взаимно да не осъждат и следват въображението, само ако и двамата се съгласят по него.

Search tags are significant in impacting your overall exposure to Fiverr. Whenever you are choosing the tags, think once about the services you are offering to your clients. Because your topmost priority should be your potential buyers.

If your services are relevant to the desire of a Buyer, you will get a positive response.

what are search tags on fiverr

What are Search Tags in Fiverr?

Search tags are like the keywords which a buyer uses while searching for his desired services. You can do proper keyword research through search tags in Fiverr.

Firstly, you need to put the keyword and the auto-complete will help you find the healthful keywords that are nearest to data entry.

It is obvious, that you can’t use all of the keywords in your Gig or search tags. Therefore, go for picking up the one which is top on the search list.

For example, if you have to choose two keywords out of four. Without hesitating, choose the first two keywords for your Fiverr gig. As the first two keywords are listed on the top while searching for tags.

Do’s and Don’ts in Fiverr Search Tags:

Some special rules are applied to the Fiverr’s search tags to ensure your surveillance. These are;

  • In each gig, the seller can use only five Search Tags.
  • The seller can use the plural terms.
  • Use of upper-case letters and lower-case letters are allowed.
  • A Fiverr seller needs to go through the Fiverr Terms of Services.

Important Information:

As a title helps your client get the idea of your services, the search tags help you to put a further step. Choose two or three best search tags for Fiverr. The seller will easily find your best search tags through Fiverr Search Engine. See the example to take the idea of the best search tags for Fiverr.



2: Fiverr Keyword Research through Fiverr Search Engine:

Another way to do your keyword research is Fiverr Search Engine. In this method, you will enter your primarykeyword into the search field. In this way, you will find the most searched suggestions that are related to your gig.

Some of the specified terms are being used by the majority of the Buyers when searching for a particular product or service on Fiverr. You simply need to note down the key terms and use them into your gig title or description.

Let’s say that your gig is related to the Data Entry keyword. Now, you can write your primary keyword into the Fiverr search bar and wait till the auto-complete provides you the suggestions that match your gig title.

For better understanding, see the picture below.

how to find low competition keywords on fiverr


In this picture, you will see many keywords suggestions related to the topic of Data Entry. Utilize these keywords suggestions into your gigs frequently.


3: Fiverr Keyword Research through Free Keyword Research Tool:

This article is a complete guide to some of the amazing methods of Fiverr Keyword Research. One of the most common methods of keyword research is the Keyword Research Tool. This method follows the same procedure as the previous keyword research methods.

fiverr keyword research with tools


An important thing to know about this method is that it does not permit you to guess the monthly competition or the search volume on Fiverr. However, it might prohibit you from two of the previously described methods.

As keywords are important in ranking your Fiverr gig, but it does not mean that using these specific keywords will rank you on the top page of Fiverr. Apart from it, there come certain other factors that help your gig ranking the first position.

If you look at this article Ranking your Fiverr gigs, you will know the best secret tips for the ranking procedure.

Additional, keywords research tools can be of different kinds. All you need to do is to look for the best, the frequently used and the comprehensive keyword. That is how you will be able to accomplish more success in the search results when the Fiverr SERP rotates.

4: Fiverr Keyword Research Through Other Opponent Sellers:

Whether you lose or win, competition always makes you better than before. In case you win, you become more determined to achieve your goals. And if you lose, you are stronger than before to win.

Analyzing the competitors of your niche and looking at them how they work, helps you widen your vision. The more you find competitions, the more you meet new opportunities to maximise your business.

fiverr keyword research with competitor analysis


Search out for the best competitors related to your niche and analyze where did you find a flaw or gap into your gig when it is compared to the gig of your opponents.

You can take an overview from your opponent’s keywords, Fiverr gig title, and description. But do not copy them. Your Keywords should be somehow distinct from the keywords of the other sellers. You can use the highlighted word but in a different way.

Wrapping Up:

Fiverr Keyword Research is important for optimizing your Fiverr gig. Search Tags, Fiverr Search Engine Optimisation and Fiverr Research Tools are the spectacular methods to do a proper Fiverr Keyword Research.

One needs to be completely acknowledged with the Fiverr’s rules and policies to do good keyword research. Keywords are undoubted, the best tools for making your gig an engaging one. Share this article to help know others by the best methods of Fiverr Keyword Research.\



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