6 Best freelancing websites for beginners in 2022

Best freelancing website for beginners

We cannot contradict the fact that earning online money is one of the most reliable practices for bringing in the money home. Because of the irregularity in the online work schedule, most of the people perceive it as an overly demanding job.

The freelancer sometimes gets over oppressed with the workload, which results in a bad experience. But you know what the exciting thing about being a freelancer? It is that this is the only way through which you can earn money depending upon your needs.


Working from home is sometimes so advantageous. You do not need to dress up and take a taxi to drop you at the office.

Instead, you sit up on your bed and start doing your assignments. Freelancing job, therefore, allows you to sit in your room and work according to your inclination.




Being a freelancer, I admit that how hard is to find authentic websites for online working. You probably end up your day with finding even not a single genuine website for online working.

With the rising trend of technology, different freelancing platforms have been flourished. These platforms group companies and freelancers who wish to outsource in one place and bring security and trust to their users.


Freelancing is a startling way to turn your aptitude into money. Also, it sharpens your skills and upgrades of your work experience. Here is the list of the famous freelancing websites which will help you set a solid beginning for your freelance career.


6 Best Freelancing websites for beginners to start their freelance journey


  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • People per hour
  • Guru
  • Legiit



Fiverr is an online business website for freelance services. Based on worldwide customer services, this is an amazing platform for online workers. Fiverr has been founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in the year 2010. One can opt for this website for the following online services. Which includes; online translation, article writing, programming, logo designing, graphic designing, blogging, video editing, and feature-writing.


What is in it for freelancers?

Fiverr is marketed as an exclusive community of the selected talent. By joining this community, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. Here are advantageous of Fiverr you should be aware of.


  • Get better Gigs at Fiverr:

If you are not aware of Fiverr gigs, it is to inform you that Fiverr gigs play a tremendous role in getting the best buyers. It is your gig that enables them to know that they can trust you for assigning quality work. The better you maintained your gig catalogue, the best buyers you will gain.


  • Set the terms yourself:

Being a freelance worker at Fiverr, you sell through the terms you have been set before. Do not negotiate over your fee and project charges. You know what your talent deserves. Therefore, never compromise upon your skills and intellectuals. Always set the terms yourself so that you do not face any difficulty afterwards.


  • Less hassle:

Fiverr promises its users to provide a hassle-free environment. You do not need to get worried about the payment procedure. Once you have completed your project, Fiverr assures you get paid on time. It is an amazing platform which offers a dedicated staff to serve the customers.


  • Give your profile a boost:

Your Fiverr profile represents your work experience and identity. Only a well- managed profile can get the best of the buyers worldwide. Boost up your profile by mentioning your skills and level of expertise.


Up Work:


Up work is one of the largest online business platforms for business professionals. With thousands of users,

this website empowers its customers to work together in a new and flexible way. It is considered one of the largest freelancing websites in the world which is serving in almost 180 countries and more than 5M plus clients.


Benefits of choosing Upwork for freelancing:


  • Upwork makes it easier to find the skilled person you need.
  • You are endorsed by Upwork’s payment protection.
  • On Upwork, you can find qualified talent hardly in two to three days.
  • Upwork enterprise helps you to get a fully customized hiring solution. It means that you have more hiring options at Up work
  • Working through Up work has the benefit of saving money. By avoiding the agencymarkups you can easily hire quality talent.



Freelancer is an online marketplace working all across the world. This website allows the employees to post the jobs which a freelancer then offers to complete.

Freelancer website Was founded in the year 2009. Its headquarters are located in Austria, Sydney. The offices of this online company are established in Jakarta, London, and Manila.

To start your freelancing career, Freelancer.com is the recommended website for online working. This enables you to the following benefits;


  • You may get the authentic clients at freelancer.com.
  • By setting up an impressive portfolio, you may get a bulk of work.
  • The payment procedure is very simple at freelancer. You can get the payment simply through bank transfer.


People per hour:


People per hour is an online business company based in the United Kingdom, whose function is to assess different freelancer workers and provides them with an online business platform. Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris are the founders of this website,

who constructed it in 2007. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic online website to give a start to your career. Based on hundreds of subscribers, it is home to many international freelance workers. The freelancing market is growing continuously and is predicted to be used by even more enterprises.

People per hour is at the fringe of the freelancing industry. It emerges as a podium providing national and international freelance contacts.


Features of people per hour:

  • The marketplace of people per hour is a diverse one where the businesses can find the right person for the right project.
  • People per hour possess curated professionals which themselves ensures that whether the worker is capable of conducting businesses with the entrepreneurs.
  • With PPH, you are offered an account management dashboard that helps you to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Being an active freelance worker at people per hour, they ensure to provide you with complete payment protection.
  • One of the best features of people per hour is that it has a pool of freelance workers to swiftly done the projects.



Guru is another freelancing marketplace website for online jobs. This online working platform was formed in 1999, near San Fransisco.

Here the individuals can easily pick their gurus and freelancers that are seemed to be the right option for the required project. Guru.com is a business platform that endeavours services divided into more than eight categories.


Features of Guru.com:


  • Messaging option.
  • Time tracker.
  • Project promotion.
  • Safepay integration.
  • Status notification.
  • Work collection viewing.
  • Cash account.




Whenever you are searching for online market places, you are more concerned about choosing a genuine website. Working online is not a difficult task,

but finding an authentic platform can be challenging. Legiit.com offers the users a 100% secure platform for online business. Are you a freelancer and tired up of searching for the original working websites?

Don’t worry. Legiit.com serves as the best working website to flourish your businesses. Also, there is a complete security procedure to avoid hacking.


Recommended services:


  • Guest posts (good for building power on legiit to gain trust and authenticity)
  • Citations (good gig for citations)
  • Social signals (help you build more trust)
  • Content writing (witing services at decent prices)


My Recommendation:


Decisively, working as an online freelance worker is beneficial yet challenging. Even though it is a well-grounded platform for giving a start to your career, yet it can sometimes be denouncing to find credible work sites. Therefore, Fiverr is recommended as one of the most convincing freelancing websites to start your career. Because of its unmatchable features and 100% secure atmosphere it is advocated as the best freelance website for flourishing your profession.



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