79 Best Fiverr Gig Ideas To Earn More Money As Freelancer

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December 13, 2019
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Fiverr gig ideas

The best fiver gig is meant to give you a valuable asset in online marketing. If you think you have been bestowed with any skill, so you can monetize your ingeniousness, especially when you are professional in crafting, art, or content writing, video graphing, and web designing. Fiver warmly welcomes you at fiver.com.

Do you know what is a fiver gig?

You must have heard the word “GIG” on fiver. A fiver “gig” is primarily the personal advertisement page, which you create on your fiver account. You might be thinking, why is this word “gig” so much important? Your fiver gig represents your personal experiences. It is generated to showcase the kind of services you are offering to your clients. Most of us get upset because of the unapproved fiver gigs.

Pro Tip: Your fiver gig should be somewhat relevant to your level of expertise. Before creating your fiver gig, edit your profile, add your complete description, and set up your display picture. Make sure that the description you provided must be accurate and compatible with your personality. One false information can harm the seller and buyer relationship. It is the beauty of freelance business that you may get instant feedback upon your product or on the advertisement of your product.

Looking for the best fiver Gig ideas?

Worry not. This article is a complete guide to make up one’s mind for some of the best fiver gig ideas.

Have you ever searched for the best fiver gig ideas? If not, you should hand-pick some of the best fiver gig ideas to make a flourishing career. Most of the sellers go through the difficulty of what to sale on Fiver? After a long and hectic end of the day, people feel disturbed, which in return demotivates them. So, folks chin up! We have got you some of the wonderful ideas to start up your business at Fiver. Yes, now you have a variety of options to go for. Just have a look at some of the unbelievable fiver gig ideas in this write-up. 

Ideas that flourish your freelancing career:

Fiver.com indeed is one of the popular platforms for freelancing and online businesses. Getting up your fiver account and setting your profile is not enough. Firstly, you need to brainstorm your objective, and right after joining fiver.com, your ultimate priority should be to work on your target.
Gig ideas like advertisements about podcasting, voiceovers, article writing, sketching, video graphing, logo designing are wonderful. But deciding yours is significant.


Fiver.com has got you a wider platform for freelancing purposes. If you are a freelancer and have worked on Fiver, you would have known about the content writing demand on Fiver? Not only Fiver, but today we see different freelancing companies, hiring the best content writers at handsome word-count.

How about advertising through a fiver gig? Yes, it’s good to write a perfect fiver gig to showcase your content writing work. It is simple. This can be done just by creating a professional CV, where you mention your work experience. Fiver has all sorts of buyers looking for the experienced or fresh freelancing content writers.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Although the writing niche is at the peak on fiver. With the increasing number of websites and blogs, the demand for writing has been highly increased. But there is a wide range of writing gig ideas on fiver. They are;

Important Note: Readers, I have a suggestion for you guys. Make sure not to write any plagiarised content. If you do so, there would be difficulty in getting the payment done. Because it’s a fiver rule, that you cannot get your payment done until and unless you have satisfied your buyer. If, for some reason, you made a mistake. Correct it instantly. Or you may ask your buyer to give you extra time to correct your errors. Only a skilled article may charge for in between $20-$50.

Best Fiverr Gig Ideas For Graphic Designer

So, readers, when it comes to “Designing,” there is a prolonged list of designing ideas to create your fiver gig. Designing a be of any kind. You can go for card designing, logo designing, designing the banners, or home designing ideas. But what I suggest is to pick only one designing category in which you are exceptional.

If you think that you are perfect in designing the wedding cards, party invites, or other business cards, select that category for you. Once you selected your category, now the next step is to produce your fiver gig. Fiver.com possesses a lot of potential buyers who would be looking for designing jobs. Wait for the positive response of your gig.

Are you guys want to explore some of the best designing ideas for your fiver gigs? Just have a look at them.

• Card designing Ideas for Fiver gig:

Yes, designing is an extensive field on fiver. You can create any designing gig for your fiver account. Isn’t it exciting to design different kinds of cards? The following are types of card designing.

• Cover designing Ideas for fiver gig:

Do you know what makes Fiver apart from other freelancing marketplaces? You do not need to be a scientist to start money at Fiver. Instead, you can offer any skill you are perfect. It would be best if you were a bit vigilant while searching for the best fiver gig ideas. Some of the Awesome cover gig ideas are as follow;

• Logo designing ideas for Fiver gig:

You cannot imagine the demand for logo designing on fiver. Today, almost everyone has introduced his/her brand or some TV channel. They are businessmen searching for logo designers on fiver.com. There is much worth of logo designing in the market — only a single logo designing charges for more than $50-$100.

Hey you? Are you also a logo designer? Join fiver.com now and start blooming your career. Logo designing can be done in many ways.

• Photo designing ideas for fiver gig:

With the rising trend of photography, everybody now wants to get his/her photo designing or photo editing done from a professional photo editor. Gone are the ways when you used to have ugly photos. Fiver.com carries out the best photo designers for you at affordable prices. Here is another good fiver gig idea to start your freelancing career. You can do a different kind of photo designing, and editing is done. Simply make a gig and advertise your skills.

• Designing banners and cover pages ideas for Fiver gig:

Do you use fiver to make money at home? Fiver.com is one of the top-rated marketplaces to earn online money. From writing to teaching and translating, you can create any fiver gig to start up your business. Best ideas for designing banners and covers are;

• Designing UI Ideas for fiver gigs:

The perfect UI designing ideas for fiver gigs are;

• Other designing Ideas for fiver gigs:

You might be familiar with many designing skills. In this article, I have got you amazing designing fiver gig ideas that are worthful for your future. From cover designing to card designing and banner designing, every kind of idea is available. You have to choose the one in which you are skilled. Some of the highlighted designing gig ideas are mentioned below;


Hi folks, as you know that fiver possesses a strict policy regarding the user account. Here are the guidelines you should know related to the account restriction.

  • Your account gets automatically restricted in case of any disputation made with your payment provider.
  • Complaints regarding the third party or copyright violations may result in your account becoming confined.
  • Restricted users can retrieve their orders.
  • The restricted users cannot place any new order, create a new gig, receive orders, or communicate with users through the inbox.
  • Once getting approved by Fiver, the restricted users may also withdraw their revenue.
  • The sellers who form numerous accounts on Fiver and then offer similar Gigs from the same location are questioned about being restricted for the violation of the Fiver’s policy.


Do you know web development? It is generally an online work that involves developing different websites for the Internet. It ranges from creating a simple static page to various complex internet applications, social services, and electronic businesses.
Earning via web development is very beneficial. You can adjust the size of the sidebar or can produce a complete website. Buyers generally look for quick fixes, SEO, and overhauling of the webpages.
Have you ever tried creating a gig related to web development? If not, so there are some of the exceptional web development gig ideas for your fiver account.

Fiverr Gig Ideas For Video Editor And Production

Good news for audio or video experts!!!!
Fiver.com provides a podium for numerous kinds of skills. There at Fiver, you need to be an expert on something. Whether its crafting, web designing, physician, or any other job, you need to have thoroughly developed skills.

If I talk about videos, yes, it is another best idea for creating your fiver gig. If you are aware of creating videos and know their editing, it’s perfect. Just by creating short videos, simple testimonials, or HD quality commercials, you can earn money through Fiver.

The animation is also another good thing about the video editing the videos. If you are good at making animated videos, you should go for them. It’s of much demand for Fiver.

Software like IOS, Adobe Photoshop, Kine Master, Adobe premiere, and Filmora9 are the most recommended software for video editing.

So, readers, here are some of the highly prescribed video gig ideas for fiver.com.

The same goes for audio experts. If you have been blessed with a beautiful voice, use your

artistry and create gigs related to voice-overs, background music, SOTs, etc.


When it comes to making presentations, we usually think about the students. Because its students who want to get done their performances in a unique style. But it’s just not students who demand the presentation. Nowadays, we see different business companies getting their deals done through excellent presentations. So, presentations can be made related to business purposes also.

Are you aware of the best presentation gig ideas? This section will help you in guiding about a few culminating presentation gig ideas. They are,

IMPORTANT NOTE!! : It is important to ensure that you do not write any false information into the presentation. Do you know that most of the students rely entirely upon the information you provided to them? Therefore, it is eminent to make a perfect presentation. Once you have completed the presentation, recheck it. 

Double-check your presentation. Always pick the content from the authentic sources. Do not only depend upon the internet-based content. Consult from different books. 


Freelancing is just not bound to the writing stuff only. Multiple platforms serve as the best marketplaces for numerous freelancing jobs. Whether you are a writer, photographer, painter, videographer, or a musician, you may choose any freelancing podium for starting your freelance business.

My advice to you is to choose what is best for you because only a well experienced and professional can earn handsome money.

To all the music experts sitting in the world, cheer up. Thanks to fiver.com for providing an outstanding marketplace for starting your business at home. Yes, there are many music gig ideas for you guys.

Even if you are a seasonal musician or a hobby guitarist, you can earn great bucks from fiver through music gigs.


Marketing is related to online promotion. Some of the users at Fiver wants to promote their brands or products via electronic or social media. I have listed a few digital marketing gig ideas for you.


Not everyone was indeed born with some skill. Only the divine ones have innate abilities. But it does not mean that others are bunkums. It’s only you who can modify his/her personality and become capable of doing things. Indeed that fiver.com is for the experienced freelancers. But the fresh ones can also take a good start by exploring different fiver gigs and learn to make theirs in the best way.

Do not stress, if you are not skilled in anything, I have got you some of the amazing fiver gig ideas to take a start to your freelancing journey. Look at the list below;


Fiver is home to many micro or macro jobs. The goal of you should be taking command of your skills and become an expert. Do consider yourself a tough competition, because it is a place where updates have been made daily. You need to SEO optimize your fiver gigs.

Also, for being a highly demanding and experienced freelancer, you have to promote your gigs as much as possible. Getting start your fiver account is compulsory, but it does not end up there. Keep on working hard. For whatever you strive for, it pays off in the long run.

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